December 15, 2007



The name of this alumni organization is the Puerto Rico Alumni Association of
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity.



The purpose of the alumni organization shall be to promote the principles of Alpha Phi Omega among alumni members and the entire fraternity. This shall be accomplished through such activities as this local alumni organization may deem desirable.



SECTION 1. SIZE. It shall be the aim of this alumni organization to maintain a sufficient
number of active members to achieve and sustain the purpose of this alumni organization.

SECTION 2. MEMBERSHIP. Membership in this alumni organization shall be granted to:

A. Persons who are duly registered in the National Office as former members of an undergraduate chapter.
B. Persons who served as duly registered advisory members of an undergraduate chapter; or
C. Persons granted honorary membership in Alpha Phi Omega pursuant to the National Bylaws and Standard Chapter Articles of Association,
D. All persons (Alumni) must either reside in Puerto Rico, or regardless of residence, the persons must have been registered as a former member of a local chapter in Puerto Rico.
E. The alumni organization shall not grant any form of membership that does not comply with the above standards.

SECTION 3. RECOGNITION. The alumni organization shall apply to the National Alumni Chair for formal recognition.



SECTION 1. TITLES. President, Vice-President-Membership, Secretary, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor.
All of the officers listed in Article IV, Section 1 shall be elected.
Other officers, and/or committees are appointed by the President and approved by the elected officers, who when meeting collectively shall be called the executive committee.

SECTION 2. TERM OF OFFICERS. The officers of this alumni organization shall be elected annually, and serve for one year. An officer may succeed himself/herself.

SECTION 3. NOMINATION COMMITTEE. The nomination committee shall be made up of a chair (appointed by the President) and members the chair of the nomination committee selects. The nomination committee chair will, one month before elections, report our slate of officer candidates. On the date of the election, nominations may be taken from the floor.

SECTION 4. VOTING. A majority of the active (and dues paid if dues are established) alumni
members present and voting, including proxies, shall be required to elect each officer. The ballots are to be counted by the nomination committee, and reported immediately back to the organization as the winner.

SECTION 5. INSTALLATION. The officers shall be installed, according to the ceremony provided by the National Fraternity in the Ritual Book.

SECTION 6. PROXY VOTING. Proxy voting by mail ballots or by proxy ballots brought by
another alumni organization member shall be allowed, upon certification by the nomination committee.

SECTION 7. VACANCIES OF OFFICE. In the case of a resignation of an elected officer, the alumni organization shall elect a replacement at the next regular meeting.

SECTION 8. REGIONAL ALUMNI COUNCIL. This alumni organization shall elect its’ representative on the Regional Alumni Council. Notice of this representative shall be sent to the National Office of Alpha Phi Omega, for notification of the Regional Alumni Representative, and National Alumni Chair.



SECTION 1. PRESIDENT. The President shall:

A. Serve as the presiding officer at all chapter meetings and at meetings of the executive committee.
B. Coordinate the functions of all alumni organization officers and committees.
C. Appoint such committees as are necessary to carry out the program of the alumni organization.
D. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
E. Insure that the alumni organization is operated in conformity with the principles set forth in the National Bylaws, the Standard Chapter Articles of Association, and these Bylaws.

SECTION 2. VICE-PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP. The Vice-President for Membership shall:

A. Plan and coordinate the membership program of the alumni organization.
B. Perform all presidential functions in the absence of the President.

SECTION 3. SECRETARY. The secretary shall:

A. Maintain an accurate record of alumni organization meetings, and the executive committee meetings.
B. Issue the alumni organization directory.
C. Carry on necessary correspondence on behalf of the alumni organization.

SECTION 4. TREASURER. The Treasurer shall:

A. Receive and disburse the funds of the alumni organization in a prudent manner.
B. Maintain an accurate record of all alumni organization transactions.
C. Develop the alumni organization budget for approval by the organization, and strive to insure that the budget plan is followed.
D. Apply to the Internal Revenue Service for tax exemption status, if the organization so votes.
E. Insure that all financial forms and reports prescribed by federal and state laws are filed as required.

SECTION 5. NEWSLETTER EDITOR. The Newsletter Editor shall:

A. Provide timely information concerning activities of the alumni organization to the members and friends of the organization.
B. Publicize chapter history where appropriate.

SECTION 6. ALL OFFICERS. All officers shall, in addition to their stated duties, perform such duties as their offices or the alumni organization may require.



SECTION 1. REGULAR MEETINGS. This alumni organization shall have at least two (2) meetings per year.

SECTION 2. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Other special meetings shall be called upon the written request of on-third of the alumni organization members, or at the discretion of the President or Executive Committee. Adequate notice of such meetings shall be provided to the organization members.

SECTION 3. QUORUM. A Quorum shall consist of any fraction over one-fifth of the active alumni organization members.

SECTION 4. VOTING. Only alumni organization members shall be allowed to vote at meetings. Proxy or absentee voting shall be allowed for alumni organization officer elections, using organization approved ballots.

SECTION 5. RULES OF ORDER. The business of the alumni organization shall be conducted by the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order.



SECTION 1. SUSPENSION. Suspension of a member shall require a two thirds vote at an alumni organization meeting. The suspension charges are to be given to the executive committee; the brother will then be given an opportunity to answer the charges. The executive committee will then vote whether to recommend suspension to the alumni organization. Such a recommendation shall be presented at the next regular organization meeting, where the brother under suspension consideration, be allowed to answer the charges filed against him/her. No proxy or absentee ballots are permitted.



SECTION 1. DUES. The alumni organization may set dues for the members. Any member, who does not submit their dues, if approved by the organization, shall have their privileges as a member in good standing automatically suspended, until payment is made. A non dues paying brother may not vote on organization matters. A date, that dues are payable by, shall be established, and upheld. If the delinquent dues are not paid, the member shall be termed inactive.



SECTION 1. AMENDMENTS. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the active members of the alumni organization in good standing, present at a regular alumni organization meeting, provided that the amendment must be notified to the active members, at least two weeks earlier.

SECTION 2. RATIFICATION. These bylaws shall become effective upon acceptance by a vote of two-thirds of the active alumni organization members present and voting at a regular alumni organization meeting.